The nutritional value of peanut and nutrients

Author:名肽生物   Time:2017-08-31 17:28:20

Nutritional value:

1, improve intelligence, enhance memory

Peanut protein contains ten many amino acids the human body needs, including lysine can make children improve intelligence, glutamic acid and asparagic acid can induce cell development and enhancement of the brain's ability to remember.

2, promote human growth and development

High calcium content in peanut, calcium is a major component of human bone, so eat peanuts can promote the growth and development of the human body.

3, blood coagulation hemostasis

Peanut garment contains oils and a variety of vitamins, and contain the substances of shortening clotting time, can fight dissolve fibrin, has the function of platelet in promoting bone marrow manufacturing, for a variety of hemorrhagic disease, not only have hemostatic effect, and has certain treatment function to the primary disease, hematopoietic function beneficial to human body.

4, embellish ?

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